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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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statements written by city attorneys. on september 27th, 2002, d.c. police arrested as many as $400 people in pershing park. many were protesting the policies of the world bank and vowed to shut the city down. leading up to and after the arrests, officers in a command post were documenting everything, recording it all and what is called a running resume. it's standard procedure. but when lawyers like carl massinio started looking into the constitutionality of the arrests and asked for the document, it was nowhere to be found. crucial video and audiotapes were missing as well and after nearly 8 years of litigation, the federal judge decided to launching an investigation and tapped the magistrate judge john facciola. last month after listening to a dozen witnesses, the judge decided to go in a new direction. conflicting statements convinced the judge he needed to look closer into the possibility that -- possibility that city attorneys -- city attorneys were, in the the
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judge's words, behind the false testimony affidavits as well as misleading statements by district council. as a special master, the judge asked the attorney general as well as the attorneys for the plaintiffs what they thought and the attorney said the new probe would be improper. in a written brief to the court, nickles said it's critical the special master investigation not be a hunt throughout an entire department for potential wrongdoing. and the attorneys told the court it's clear that district council's actions, when combined with failed d.c. police leadership on the issues, were the driving forces behind the destruction and exfoliation of evidence in this litigation. carl massinio, ultimately led to the investigation and told fox 5 in early october -- . >> judge facciola is going to follow the evidence and act chordingly. obstruction of justice, when
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you look at this, struck of evidence, that is -- destruction of evidence, that is what it sounds like. >> reporter: he is with the partnership for civil justice which settled the lawsuit in the park that day. he's hoping the judge will ultimately learn what happened. >> if this evidence was missing in this type of high-profile case, what is happening in ordinary cases when people are brought into the criminal justice system? it's disturbing and frightening. >> reporter: we try to reach out to the attorney general peter nickles by phone and by e- mail. at this hour, we have not heard back from the attorney general. brian? >> all right, we know you'll be watching. paul wagner. the edge on virginia. governor mcdonough wants to hire national revisers to revise his bid to sell a state- owned liquor monopoly. it was shut down. the governor contends selling off the state's 76-year-old government liquor business will generate up to $500 million that ismon he would devote to transportation. president obama's commission unveiled a whole
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host of ideas to tax payers and other. tom fitzgerald talked with people who say they have been hit hard enough. >> reporter: this bipartisan commission on the debt, they came up with their plans and if you want to know where they going to find $4 trillion, look at the reflection. >> it's like a cancer. >> reporter: they say this is serious. >> this country's out of mean. >> reporter: it's going to take hard choices. >> i think we have to be straight with the american impeachment -- people. >> reporter: and it's going to hurt. >> we left no oxes ungored. >> reporter: one of the ideas is to get rid of the tax deduction with many. would you be comfortable giving up your deduction? >> no, no, not at all. >> that doesn't make sense to me. no. >> put the money in banks from me and take it. >> reporter: most folks stop working when they 65 and what if they raise the retirement age to scene? >> well, i'm not sure about that -- 69? >> well, i'm not sure about
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that. >> democrats want to do this, republicans want to do that and we get screwed. >> how many people, though, end up getting close to their retirement age and lose their retirement? >> reporter: how would you feel about an extra 15-cent tax to fill up your car. could you afford another 15 cents a gallon? >> they would probably make me afford it but i wouldn't like to. >> i think that would affect a lot of people. >> i could afford it but i would have to cut down on my other expenditures. >> reporter: some folks these ideas are for the birds. the biggest problem neigh mai not be taxpayers but wish wish -- washington itself, a place that likes to turn on the money faucet and has a harder time turning it off. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the edge on a story that continues to develop. a new report provides alarming details about metro's case lator problems. the final report released details escalator inspections at four metro rail stations over the summer and the finings
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show hazardous brakes, overlooked problems. it doesn't sit well with riders. >> i use metro going to and from school. i will be more cautious. >> the problems will be addressed. next stop, the report will be presented to the board next week. a small kansas church sparking outrage in d.c. again. the westborough baptist church brought its controversial anti- gay message to george washington university this veteran's day. the church continued the rant that homosexuality is to blame for the death of soldiers, saying it's god's punishment. when they heard go about the planned protest, they decided to bring their own message. we say you know what? if you don't like gay people, i'm gay for today. we're all heterosexual but we're an accepting community and hopefully this is something the whole community can come behind. >> the protest was peaceful and ended after 30 minutes. the church group picketed at arlington national semtear today. the edge on maryland. prince georges county police are investigating an officer-
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involved shooting. the cops say an armed suspect tried to rob an offduty officer. the suspect shot at the officer and he returned fire. the suspect got away, the officer was not hurt. charges after a road rage incident near powder mill road in the baltimore-washington parkway. andrew dunof silver spring is charged with assault and intent to commit murder. he's accused of firing a gun at another driver. the victim claims that duntried to run him off the road. the gun fire did not strike the victim or his car. dunremains behind bars tonight. superjumbo planes grind across the world this evening. details on another airline joining quantas and performing safety checks after an engine explodes in mid-air. good news for home buyers, mortgage rates are the lowest in decades. what is behind the sudden drop. and a piece of bern madoff's fortune could be yours. details expected to hit the auction block. we're back. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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>> the 19-year-old barefoot band it is being charged. he was taken into custody in the bahamas in july. he was accused of a stolen aircraft and with a gun on it. and other allegations. he's scheduled to be arraigned next week. quantas keeping the a-380 airplanes on the ground. the australian airline pulled the fleet of six double-decker planes from service for a few days. the super jumbo planes will be grounded until all safety checks are completed and singapore airlines are replacing the engines on three of the 11 a-380s. rates on fixed mortgages dropped to the lowest level in decades this week. mortgage buyer freddie mac said the average rate for a 30-year fixed loop fell to 4.17%.
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the average on a 15-year fixed fell to 3.57%. the reason for the drop? the federal reserve unveiled a massive bond buy-in program last week to spur economic growth. mortgage rates have been at or near historic lows since april. bern madoff's dirty laundry to be aired in new york city this weekend. hundreds of personal items from the former homes of the convicted wall street fraudster and his wife ruth are going to the -- on the auction block. everything from furniture, jewelry and clothing and books will be up for sale this saturday at a new york city hotel. sibs and celebrations were held across the country on this veteran's day with a special reunion in our area. >> mike. >> yeah, mike -- [ indiscernible ] i was sitting there looking at it. >> how are you? >> and this -- [ indiscernible ] >> you know. >> and it's been decades since these veterans served together. more on their reunion stories coming up. border patrol as
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>> in addition to veteran's day, the british are honoring their war dead. the 11th of november marks armistice day in the u.k. every year, the bell tolls at big ben as the country observes two minutes of silence. many of the british troops fought in the same wars as u.s. service members and on this veteran's day, a group of 9 ship mates who served in the u.s. navy got together to remember, celebrate, really, life as it was like during the vietnam war. some of them hadn't seen each other since 1967. john henrehan spent much of the day with them and discovered for some the war and its aftermath changed them forever. >> reporter: they chose arlington national cemetery as a veteran's day rendezvous point. some of these vietnam war vets hadn't seen each other in 43
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years. >> who is that? >> im -- . [ indiscernible ] botox! oh, my gosh. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> there. give me a hug. >> how are you? [ laughter ] >> golly. >> yeah. >> how are you doing? >> just like it was yesterday. >> reporter: yesterday for this group was the late 1960s, when these navy veterans were stationed aboard a destroyer called the uss storms. when they went into uniform, they were kids. bill was a signalman. >> you're 19 and fear nothing. >> reporter: on their world war ii-era ship, not everything worked when the vessel was deployed to vietnam. >> we had an evaporator leak. we could not make enough water to hardly run the ship. the only showers we got the whole time we were gone were salt water showers. >> reporter: when they returned to the u.s. from the increasingly unpopular war in vietnam, they were shocked at how many of their fellow american citizens treated them
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like enemies. >> you were spit at? >> yup. twice. they call you baby killer and, you know, all that kind of stuff. it was not a very good time. >> reporter: it was not all bad. allen reid stayed in the navy for 20 years and recommends the military career to today's young men and women. but jim ryan who fired hundreds of shells into the coastal area of vet nam said feelings of guilt over killing people have consumed him in recent years. it's overbearing at times. i have an unusual response, i thought were unusual. when i disclosed them to the v a -- >> 40 years later? >> 40 years later. >> reporter: jim ryan is hoping his reunion with his fellow vet nam war veterans and their trip together to the wall will help change his feelings about the war that for some vets, still goes on. in washington, on veteran's day, john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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>> a picture of these men served their nation with incredible courage and commitment. they left their homes and their families and the rest of their lives and what has often been called the forgotten war. so, today, we all want you to know this: we remember. >> president obama commemorates veteran's day overseas in south korea saluting the bravery of u.s. troops who fought in the korean war. the president thanked the crowd of hundreds of u.s. troops and condemned the north for continuing on a course that he said deepens the isolation from the rest of the world. you can show your gratitude by sending a message to a vet on our website, log on to and click on the link at the hot topics bar, layer some of your comments tonight on fox 5 news at 10. a beautiful stretch keeps going. i'll tell you what, get out of
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the wind. it's amazing. >> amazing. >> even though it's low or the right. >> still warm. >> and in the low 60s and people are acting like this is some of the bit weather we have had, i would agree. we have extremes around here. it's too hot and humid, too bitter cold with the wind and has been perfect. how about the blue skies, too? >> yeah. >> perfect for veteran's day and i remember one that is different, every veteran's day i think about the veterans and a huge snowstorm we had in 1989, a nice big surprise. those things don't happen too often anymore. the model guidance is so traffic now and really nailed the temperatures once again and not us, the guidance, 63 degrees; dulles, 61; bwi, 62 and that did feel great without that wind and even though the wind had more of a northeasterly component to it, we still saw temperatures in a first cable range. 55 in d.c.; 45, gaithersburg and manasses, culpeper, 48; winchester, 47. you may have noticed that it dried really, really fast, the air is super dry and with that dry air and clear skies, we're going to see temperatures falling quickly and a check up
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to our northwest pittsburgh at 58 degrees and binghampton, 49. by the way, the temperatures have been a little warmer than we have been because they're on kind of the warm side of a big ridge of high pressure. for a couple of days now, we're talking about the huge ocean storm. that is out of the picture now and we continue to have high pressure building in and that high is going to be keeping this precipitation that just splashed -- flashed away there, keeping it at bay and produce a small amount of snow in denver today, a bit of a nuisance snow, an inch on grassy areas, maybe up to four inches in the foothills and a new storm anycoming into the pacific northwest. and that is getting active out there, although what we're seeing is the high pressure block most of this out of our region. now, eventually, some of that moisture will get in here and i think it's going to take until perhaps late monday or tuesday of next week. we keep things going and also i want to let you know tonight in particular might be colder than the last nights. winchester, 28 degrees. under the clear skies and because of that dry air.
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gaithersburg, 31; centreville, 32; fredericksburg, 32 and you want to be aware that tonight's one of those nights if you're heading out late. you will need a warm jacket. clear and frosty cold in a lot of spots and freezing, so, the air of being so dry, we see the district dropping to 39 degrees. a cold night for all of us. to end up our week, it will be a chilly start on friday. a comfortable afternoon again, we rebound to 63 degrees and the nice light winds are going to continue. this is your planner with plenty of sunshine to go through the day and we start on a cold note at 8 in the morning, 42 degrees and by noon, we're closing in on 60 and by 4:00, 61 degrees and what about the weekend? it looks like the high pressure will dominate all the way through the weekend and we wanted to show you the future cast. we will have a front on the move and that doesn't get to us on sunday. we're going to make a clean sweep of it through the weekend. this area of low pressure to the north and notice a little bit of light snow spilling in
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for a northern illinois and maybe chicago will get a couple of wet flakes and as the front is closer to us, it looks as though it will come to with a few clouds on monday and then maybe produce the showers monday night and tuesday. more on that in a moment. saturday looks like 64 degrees and sunday, 65. so, the weekend is taking us continuing on that nice stretch and also seeing our temperatures rise by a couple of degrees here and there and after we get through the weekend, that does look as though an area of low pressure will ride up the stalled frontal boundary crossing our area on monday and that could bring us descent rain and talk about the five-day forecast, you can see what we have in it for you. not only are we celebrating the fact that we get through another beautiful weekend, but by the time we get to tuesday, it will be time for rain. we don't want to go too long without rain. the fire danger goes up and looks like we'll have descent showers on monday and lasting to into tuesday and perhaps for a part of wednesday, which continues the trend of so-far, so-good for the last four, five weeks. no rain on weekend. >> looks nice. thank you, sue.
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you think of birds flying south for the winter. monarch butterflies are making the journey, too. each year, millions arrive in mexican forests after about a 4,000-mile journey. unlike other butterflies, they live 4 to 5 generations and travel from country to country. and should be on the discovery channel right now. the redskins getting ready for the second half of the season. after the controversial benching, is there still drama between mcnabb and coach shanahan? details coming up. the simp sons get bitter with age. that is probably why fox renewed the longest-running comedy in tv history for the 23rd season. this season, we'll see baby maggie disappear. homer is a dresser and good old mo's tavern turned into a trendy bar and many a-listers paying a visit to springfield, including heal berri, john hamm, martha stewart and katie perry. plset/g
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>> good afternoon, it's been 11 days since donovan mcnabb was benched during the final minute of the lions game. the final minute and change is under 2 minutes and it seems like 11 weeks. if the skins beat the eagles on monday night, mcnabb plays, well, all might be forgotten. if they lose and the quarterback struggles, more issues. mcnabb was back on the practice field this afternoon. his hamstrings are an issue. he continues to receive treatment and should be ready to go on monday night and the rematch with the eagles. head coach mike han shanahan move -- mike shanahan moved on or has tried to. if there is bad blood, it's staying internal. mcnabb's goal, put all the drama behind him. >> and this is football. this is football. you know, we talk about the
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whole issue, you know, we find of hashed out a lot of different things. i just, right now, i have been in the situation before. so, the whole deal about it is i'm going to treat it as such and focus on my judge and do it at eye level. >> it's a good job this week, get ready to play, a lot of distractions and fought through it as a group and we're ready to go on. sometimes as i said, you know, you make decisions you feel in the best interest of your team. you're not always right, sometimes you go with your gut. the bottom line, you make it and go on. >> that is mike shanahan with a semi apology, i think. running back clinton portis doing his best to return after a six-week hiatus due to a groin injury and limited to a few reps in practice. portis called him a work in progress. day-to-day and this. >> real sore. i think these signs are to be
6:26 pm
expected. so, pretty much staying on top of it every chance i get. just getting treatment. >> the redskins play monday night on my 20 and host the eagles at fed ex field. kick off is at 8:30. immediately following the game, check out redskins post game. also on my 20. with lindsey muffy, doc walker and myself. check out the game on my 20. last night, john wall recorded his first triple double. he accomplished the feat faster than michael jordan, berg and kid and the owner and guest magic johnson with good seats to see the rookie's best game. early first quarter, locks it up for mcgee. one of the 13 assists. second quarter, arenas with a one-handed dunk and wall had 19 points. he had added 10 rebounds and six steels and this leads to a lay-in. the wiz defeat the rockets, 98- 91 and wall is the third youngest player ever to register a triple-double. >> you run from a situation
6:27 pm
where you had 9 turnovers to one turnover. you know, all of a sudden now, he's getting 13 assists and one turnover. that was -- [ indiscernible ] and work hard to keep on and -- as much as i can. i told those guys to keep doing what we're working individually and -- what they got to and get it together to be a good team. >> he keeps making triple- doubles they will be a good team. southeast battle in hockey, the first-place caps hosting the second-place lightnings. >> thank you for that. now you have the news edge. the news is all on we're back here at 10, the news edge at 11. hope you will be, too. keep it here. tmz on tv is coming up next. wonder if they will talk about mel gibson or -- anything like. that ♪
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